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WhatsApp M APK: The Latest Version of the Free Messaging and Video Calling App

Users can now pause and resume voice messages while recording them. Whatsapp users will be able to see a new pause option when they start to record a voice message in hands-free mode. Till now, users had to re-record a voice message in case of any disruption.

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The features that Whatsapp offers are unbeatable. This makes this app easy to use and widespread across the world. Enabling people to chat globally and share their experiences with family and customers for SMEs has made Whatsapp a solid platform for communication.

WhatsApp uses a customized version of the open standard Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP).[192] Upon installation, it creates a user account using the user's phone number as the username (Jabber ID: [phone number]

WA MA is another powerful Mod App for mobile. You get a separate option to make a standard call. You can preview the files with Whatsapp MA. Also, you can revert back to the old UI, lock the chat, enable the dark theme, change font size and private mode. WA MA is a feature-packed WA Mod APK for Android.

Hie,I want to arrange multiple chat heads like chats from multiple persons into a folder, like a categorised one , each folder representing some name nd each folder has some 20 to 30 chats that has been communicated with that many persons , plese anyone suggest which whatsapp has this feauture so that ican download and start using

Time has changed now, simply pick up your phone, press the number of your loved ones, and start talking. The plus point is that it is entirely free of charge at present. A little time before, you have to pay 99-cent as an annual Whatsapp subscription, but nothing to pay now. We can use it for any type of device along with multiple new features including Web messaging, voice calls, a group calling option, and a lot of other such groundbreaking features.

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You can freely share even your personal data as the app offers end-to-end encryption and no one can watch your data except the person you have sent. It only requires the person you are sending messages is also have a Whatsapp account on his device.

Whatsapp requires a mobile phone SIM card, internet connection, and phone number. You can link your Whatsapp account to your other devices such as computers, tablets, and so on. The working process of the app is quite similar to other messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Line, and a lot of others. It prefers your phone number instead of a username or password. Your phone contact list automatically transfers to your Whatsapp account for contacting your family, friends, and other important people.

No doubt, it is a freeware platform, but it has some charges in case of traveling outside of your network range. You may have to pay data overage charges according to your data plan. You can use it while connecting with a Wi-Fi connection; otherwise, cellular data can also help you to connect with your contacts using Whatsapp. It can be on/off from the Settings of your device.

It is simple and reliable but has security measures as you can use the app using only with an exclusive phone number. Simply create your Whatsapp account, enter your phone number, and verify it by entering the received security code in the required space. Go ahead and enjoy unlimited entertainment and forget the typical boring landline service.

The features offered by Whatsapp Messenger are the same as those available on other messaging apps. You will find multiple amazing features to enhance your connectivity with your family, friends, and other business connections.

The app offers audio as well as video calling options to communicate with your friends and family across the world without using any money. Simply, using your Wi-Fi even in a slow connection enables you to talk to your loved ones with only one requirement, the person you are talking to also owned a Whatsapp account. Along with exclusive audio/video calls, you are capable of taking conference calls with the addition of up to eight people at one time.

Whatsapp makes your conversation easy and simple while offering new updates. It is the most important version as it enables users to run their businesses more reliably. It enables you to connect with your customers and employees and discuss your business matters in a better way. It helps you to enhance your business beyond your community.

On landline services only one-to-one conversation is possible, but on Whatsapp, you can create a group while adding multiple people from your family and friends. It enables you to create a conversation room for sending messages and video calls also.

You can upload your happy moments i.e. text, photos, videos, or GIFs on your status. It enables you to select people from your contact who can watch your status. It disappears after 24 hours automatically.

Facebook take over Whatsapp which create a privacy concern among Whatsapp users, but the app still has multiple privacy-related features while holding massive importance. It is also advised Facebook arrange a payment system for Whatsapp that enabled users to send and receive money using the app. It uses end-to-end encryption methods for restricting the interference of third parties i.e. ISP or hackers.

All-in-all, Whatsapp Messenger is one of the earlier developed apps that has taken a great revolution in the communication system. it enables us the connect with our loved ones anytime from any part of the world.

Similar to how we build messaging, we don't believe Channel updates should have to stick around forever. So we'll only store channel history on our servers for up to 30 days and we'll add ways to make updates disappear even faster from follower's devices. Admins will also have the option to block screenshots and forwards from their channel.

Status is a popular way to share ephemeral updates with friends and close contacts on WhatsApp. They disappear in 24 hours and may include photos, videos, GIFs, text, and more. Just like your personal chats and calls, your WhatsApp status is protected by end-to-end encryption so you can share privately and securely.

You can send messages that disappear on WhatsApp by enabling disappearing messages. You can choose to have messages disappear after 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days. Once enabled, new messages sent in the chat will disappear after the duration you select. The most recent selection controls new messages in the chat. Messages sent or received before disappearing messages is enabled won't be affected.

Deciding how long a message lasts should be in your hands. We've become accustomed to leaving a digital copy of just about everything we type without even thinking about it. It's become the equivalent of a note taker following us around making a permanent record of everything we've said. This is why we introduced disappearing messages last year, and more recently a way for photos and videos to immediately disappear after being viewed once.

WhatsApp users will now have the option to turn on disappearing messages by default for all new chats. When enabled, all new one-on-one chats you or another person start will be set to disappear at your chosen duration, and we've added a new option when creating a group chat that lets you turn it on for groups you create. This new feature is optional and does not change or delete any of your existing chats.

For people who choose to switch on default disappearing messages, we will display a message in your chats that tells people this is the default you've chosen. This makes clear it's nothing personal - it's a choice you've made about how you want to communicate with everyone on WhatsApp moving forward. Though of course, if you need a particular conversation to remain permanent, it's easy to switch a chat back.

Living apart from family and friends for over a year has made it clearer than ever that just because we can't physically talk in person, it doesn't mean we should have to sacrifice the privacy of our personal conversations. We believe disappearing messages along with end-to-end encryption are two crucial features that define what it means to be a private messaging service today, and bring us one step closer to the feeling of an in-personal conversation.

Whatsapp Messenger allows us to perform all such activities in one place. You have to download it from here and follow a simple login process to access every possibility. Here, you can synchronize your contact and fill in the information your friends will need to access easily with your unique identification. Also, you are free here to customize the apps according to your preferences, update, and change as per your wish. You can text, send videos of long-lasting and high resolution, images of high quality with your friends and relatives. Share your identification with anyone and connect with them for sharing any information. Create groups and add required people to share standard info in one place with just one click. Multiple groups with different purposes can be created and can be operated at the same time through a straightforward user interface.

Whatsapp Messenger Mod APK from publisher Whatsapp comes with more updated features and functions. Where you can easily connect with your friends and relatives worldwide, you can safely send and receive text messages, share videos and images, audio recordings, live locations, and much more. You can also store data if you want to and share everything individually or in groups with common interests. You can share your life fun, location, or thoughts with your friends through the status updating feature, which will show it for 24 hours. You can also check who has seen your status. This modified version will experience premium benefits like more extended duration video sharing and high-quality photo sharing, enabling faster speed and blocking privacy issues. Its no ads policy employs a distraction-free experience for users.

Whatsapp Messenger Mod APK allows users to experience the uninterrupted experience of sharing their private or public information with anyone through their unique identification. Share ultra HD photos and videos with your friends with just one click, multiple images, and videos with no bounding on quality and quantity. Interact by sharing fun, sorrowful, happy moments with your loved ones irrespective of distance for free.

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