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How Newlydraw 1.5 Can Enhance Your Laser Projects with Amazing Features

As the Laser Cut card used the Corel fonts, which had other fonts in them, it is capable of creating other fonts. So in the new version an API was written to get information on the fonts from the Card and produce them into a newlydraw file. This will allow for the creation of completely custom fonts with any characters in it. But it's not there yet.

newlydraw 1.5


This was all done via the newlydraw software and then laser cut. The prints had to be cut very carefully in order to have the same edges on both sides. An important part of making the knives was learning how to make them correctly. Because I can't trust the stock I use to make the blades, I also had to buy the file for the blades from the original maker. Almost all the stock to cut out for the project is Porcelain enameled Copper and I will be purchasing custom blades from Master Cutlery, LTD. This will be the same type of material used in stamping because it is very corrosion-resistant. I also ordered a router, a lathe, and some mills to be ready to cut the pieces I needed to do the molds for the knives. In total I have paid over $400 for the laser cutters and new materials for this project. We have now finally broken through the engraving process and moved onto the next.

With the help of Takuya and Kazutoshi (Takuya at #newlydraw) plus the help of my new laser workmate Paul I was able to get a bunch of things working, the most trivial of which being that I could get the laser to move. Now, being the frugal type, I very much wanted to get the most out of the PPC and the machine. This turned out to be a much more challenging problem than it should have been. The first issue was that even though the laser control software provided with the PPC is ridiculously small, it is free and in any case it was working fine. Despite that, the software provided with the PPC had a non-standard set of instructions and I found it very difficult to port the software to the new architecture, and I have made it clear that I will not support anyone else on this.

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