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[S4E10] Princess Jade !!HOT!!

Back at Royal Prep, it is time for the presentations and Jade resolves to try to tell Sofia the truth again. However, she once again does not have the heart to do it, especially after Sofia gives her, her own tiara. Sofia makes the announcement about a new Princess attending Royal Prep, but when she pulls back the curtain, she finds Jade gone. Thinking quickly, Sofia calls an unsuspecting Amber to the stage for her sister to make her presentation to stall the audience while she leaves to find Jade. When she finds her, Jade finally tells Sofia how she feels and apologizes for hurting her feelings. Sofia smiles and apologizes to Jade for making her feel that she couldn't tell her the truth. Sofia and Jade go back to the presentation, where Amber pulls back the curtain and reveals the painting of Frederika Assemblia, revealing that Jade is the new Princess. Jade tells everybody she has no desire to go to Royal Prep and asks if she can stay at Dunwiddie School. Flora and Miss Candoo tell her there is no need to worry, as Frederika Assemblia was not even a princess; she was actually the architect who built Royal Prep. Her portrait was hung in the Hall of Royals just to honour her. Amber still feels a bit dizzy so Hildegard and Clio take her to get her dressed into a Royal Gown. Jade and Sofia are overjoyed to hear that Jade is not a princess and Sofia tells Jade she will always be her friend.

[S4E10] Princess Jade

Charles and Diana married in July 1981 and had two children, Prince William and Prince Harry. In 1992, the duo separated and four years later, they announced their divorce after both admitted to extramarital affairs. The following year, the princess died in a car crash in Paris.

Shae began as a curt, willingly mysterious woman with a cynical attitude and a sharp, often biting tongue. Being a prostitute for most of her life, forced to sell her body (initially by her own mother) since age nine for men whom treat her like a mindless sex object to survive has left her somewhat jaded as she refuses to say anything about herself or past life and wishes to not care about the concerns or wellbeing of others. It was Tyrion who observed that Shae wanted a different life than the one she had then. Beneath this she is a much more loving, loyal and strong-willed woman who will protect those who treat her well. As stated by others she knows how to defend herself and gets by using her skills in self-defence as well as her voluptuousness and sex appeal.

Moon Fairy, also known as Liu Xian'er (柳仙儿; Liǔ xiān er) was the prized possession of Zhuyan City's General, who grew up with princess Xiaolou. Carrying a rabbit, named "Tuji" with her, Moon Fairy is frail and sick since she was a child. Although she got better later on, the root cause of the disease has not been eradicated. After a long period of resting and cultivation, Moon Fairy got used to the slow-paced life with an old-fashioned look.

JulieJuliePrincess JulieAge8GenderFemaleEye ColorBrownHair ColorBrownResidesMoose Rump, MaineOccupationStudentFamilyUnnamed parentsSeason(s)4Appeared InBreaking BarbActorKaliayh RhamboJulie was a young gamer girl from Moose Rump who's parents insisted on throwing her a Princess themed party for her on her eighth birthday in the woods near Camp Kikiwaka. Saying she would rather be dressed as a space pirate rather than the frilly dress she was wearing, Julie ran away from her own party. Shortly afterwards, she stumbled across an old abandoned well, and whimsically, decided to wish for a better birthday. Unfortunately, while doing so, she fell into the well. Luckily, a trio of campers from Kikiwaka discovered her predicament. Although the first rescue attempt by Finn failed as the rope he was using snapped, causing him to fall in on top of her. The second attempt of rescuing the two was made by Gwen, who managed to fashion a much stronger rope. In the end, she and Matteo ended up pulling Julie and Finn out. Almost immediately, an older girl, apparently a counselor, emerged from the woods, elated to find the missing campers and somewhat surprised by the presence of a princess. During the hike, Julie and Gwen bond. The next day, her parents let her spend the afternoon at Camp Kikiwaka and Julie shows Gwen how engrossing the world of video gaming can be. Matteo and Finn try to join in, but the girls claim to have reached a critical junction. At that point an older man dressed as a Wizard enters the camp, stating he has been lost all night, and has gold coins to trade for food. Julie was played by Kaliayh Rhambo. 041b061a72

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