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Learn Relational Database Design with Database Design For Mere Mortals 3rd Edition PDF

Whatever relational database systems youuse, Hernandez will help you design databases that are robust andtrustworthy. Never designed a database before? Settling forinadequate generic designs? Running existing databases that needimprovement? Start here.

Database Design For Mere Mortals 3rd Pdf Download

  • The all-time best-selling database design book: clear, accessible, hands-on, software-independent -- and now fully updated!

  • Mike Hernandez's common-sense guide to database design: the fastest way to start solving real problems, and build foundational knowledge to go even further Includes new chapter on incorporating normalization into database designs Contains improved coverage of data types Chapter power point slides available for academic course use

Whatever relational database systems you use, Hernandez will help you design databases that are robust and trustworthy. Never designed a database before? Settling for inadequate generic designs? Running existing databases that need improvement? Start here.

Sound design can save you hours of development time before youwrite a single line of code. Based on the author's years ofexperience teaching this material, Database Design for MereMortals is a straightforward, platform-independent tutorial onthe basic principles of relational database design.

Database design expert Michael J. Hernandez introduces the coreconcepts of design theory and method without the technical jargon.Database Design for Mere Mortals will provide any developerwith a common-sense design methodology for developing databasesthat work.0201694719B04062001

Whatever relational database systems you use, Hernandez will help you design databases that are robust and trustworthy. Never designed a database before? Settling for inadequate generic designs? Running existing databases that need improvement? Start here.

"This book takes the somewhat daunting process of database design and breaks it into completely manageable and understandable components. Mike's approach whilst simple is completely professional, and I can recommend this book to any novice database designer."

"Databases are a critical infrastructure technology for information systems and today's business. Mike Hernandez has written a literate explanation of database technology--a topic that is intricate and often obscure. If you design databases yourself, this book will educate you about pitfalls and show you what to do. If you purchase products that use a database, the book explains the technology so that you can understand what the vendor is doing and assess their products better."

"If you told me that Mike Hernandez could improve on the first edition of Database Design for Mere Mortals I wouldn't have believed you, but he did! The second edition is packed with more real-world examples, detailed explanations, and even includes database-design tools on the CD-ROM! This is a must-read for anyone who is even remotely interested in relational database design, from the individual who is called upon occasionally to create a useful tool at work, to the seasoned professional who wants to brush up on the fundamentals. Simply put, if you want to do it right, read this book!"

"Mike's approach to database design is totally common-sense based, yet he's adhered to all the rules of good relational database design. I use Mike's books in my starter database-design class, and I recommend his books to anyone who's interested in learning how to design databases or how to write SQL queries."

"The first edition of Mike Hernandez's book Database Design for Mere Mortals was one of the few books that survived the cut when I moved my office to smaller quarters. The second edition expands and improves on the original in so many ways. It is not only a good, clear read, but contains a remarkable quantity of clear, concise thinking on a very complex subject. It's a must for anyone interested in the subject of database design."

"Mike's excellent guide to relational database design deserves a second edition. His book is an essential tool for fledgling Microsoft Access and other desktop database developers, as well as for client/server pros. I recommend it highly to all my readers."

"There are no silver bullets! Database technology has advanced dramatically, the newest crop of database servers perform operations faster than anyone could have imagined six years ago, but none of these technological advances will help fix a bad database design, or capture data that you forgot to include! Database Design for Mere Mortals(TM), Second Edition, helps you design your database right in the first place!"

"When my brother started his professional career as a developer, I gave him Mike's book to help him understand database concepts and make real-world application of database technology. When I need a refresher on the finer points of database design, this is the book I pick up. I do not think that there is a better testimony to the value of a book than that it gets used. For this reason I have wholeheartedly recommended to my peers and students that they utilize this book in their day-to-day development tasks."

"Mike has always had an incredible knack for taking the most complex topics, breaking them down, and explaining them so that anyone can 'get it.' He has honed and polished his first very, very good edition and made it even better. If you're just starting out building database applications, this book is a must-read cover to cover. Expert designers will find Mike's approach fresh and enlightening and a source of great material for training others."

"Whether you need to learn about relational database design in general, design a relational database, understand relational database terminology, or learn best practices for implementing a relational database, Database Design for Mere Mortals(TM), Second Edition, is an indispensable book that you'll refer to often. With his many years of real-world experience designing relational databases, Michael shows you how to analyze and improve existing databases, implement keys, define table relationships and business rules, and create data views, resulting in data integrity, uniform access to data, and reduced data-entry errors."

Sound database design can save hours of development time and ensure functionality and reliability. Database Design for Mere Mortals(TM), Second Edition, is a straightforward, platform-independent tutorial on the basic principles of relational database design. It provides a commonsense design methodology for developing databases that work.

6 For my wife, who has always believed in me and continues to do so. To those who have helped me along my journey teachers, mentors, friends, and colleagues. Dedicated to anyone who has unsuccessfully attempted to design a relational database.

8 About the Author Michael J. Hernandez has been an independent relational database consultant specializing in relational database design. He has more than twenty years of experience in the technology industry, developing database applications for a broad range of clients. He s been a contributing author to a wide variety of magazine columns, white papers, books, and periodicals, and is coauthor of the best-selling SQL Queries for Mere Mortals (Addison-Wesley, 2007). Mike has been a top-rated and noted technical trainer for the government, the military, the private sector, and companies throughout the United States. He has spoken at numerous national and international conferences, and has consistently been a top-rated speaker and presenter. Aside from his technical background, Mike has a diverse set of skills and interests that he also pursues, ranging from the artistic to the metaphysical. His greatest interest is still the guitar, as he s been a practicing guitarist for more than forty years and played professionally for fifteen years. He is a great cook, loves to teach (writing, public speaking, music), has a gift for bad puns, and even reads tarot cards. He says he s never going to retire, per se, but rather just change whatever it is he s doing whenever he finally gets tired of it and move on to something else that interests him. vii

22 Foreword To the Third Edition Here it is, ten years later, and Mike and I cross paths even less than we used to. For those who were unaware, we share the same birthday (although he s much older than me, at least one full year), and we meet up at least once each year and congratulate ourselves for making it another year. It s also funny how Microsoft reboots its technology every ten years or so, and now, revisiting the foreword I wrote ten years ago, nothing much has changed I m still hip-deep in a new Microsoft technology, but this time it s all about WinRT and Windows 8, rather One thing that hasn t changed, however, is the need for carefully planned and executed database design. Nothing Mike wrote in his original volume has changed very much, and although this new edition modifies some details, the basics of good database design haven t changed in the ensuing ten years. I must confess a little jealousy that Mike has written a book with such enduring shelf life, but, if he s going to have a book that succeeds for this many years, at least it s a good one. Whether this is your first visit to Mike s detailed explanation of database design, or your second or third, be assured that you ll find a carefully considered, helpful path through the vagaries of database design here. But let s get past the intro, and get to work! Ken Getz, November 14, 2012 From the Second Edition... I don t see Mike Hernandez as much as I used to. Both our professional lives have changed a great deal since I first wrote the foreword to his original edition. If nothing else, we travel less, and our paths cross less often than they did. If you ll indulge me, I might try to add that the entire world has changed since that first edition. On the most xxi

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