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Where To Buy Tom Ford Eyeglasses

The Tom Ford eyeglasses collection maintains the brand's core luxury goods values through its use of a thicker frame style, mostly using Mazzuchelli zyl, because it offers more opportunity to bring color and depth to a face. His design makes the glasses frame create the personality, rather than hide from it.

where to buy tom ford eyeglasses

He began his partnership with the Marcolin Group to produce and distribute optical eyewear. This has given space to a variety of high-quality eyewear for every face shape, with authentic designs to give you a classy and elegant look. Many glasses are made from metal or acetate and offer frames that range from retro styles, like cat-eye glasses, to timeless and classic styles such as pilot eyeglasses.

At SmartBuyGlasses we offer a range of Tom Ford eyewear for you to browse through at home, the office, Starbucks, anywhere, anytime. Tom Ford prescription glasses have a range of stylish frame shapes in many colours and styles which you also combine with great high-quality filters and coatings, for full glasses and eye protection.

Simple designs are made extravagant with Tom Ford eyewear. Sensual and luxurious, the Tom Ford collection makes a bold statement with frames that are shaped with exaggeration. Adding unique details to a classic architecture, Tom Ford eyeglasses provide a distinct, daring accessory to the wardrobe of both men and women.

Clear vision and prompt service are crucial for our patients, and we strive to meet those needs by offering top-notch eyeglasses and optical services at our on-site laboratory. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we can produce single vision prescription eyeglasses within a day. Additionally, our expert opticians are capable of fixing and preserving glasses for long-term use.

Certain lenses, like high-definition or strong prescriptions, need more time and special equipment. These lenses are sent to our off-site facility, where we maintain our high standards of quality and deliver custom eyeglasses on time. Our goal is to give customers the most comfortable and visually effective eyeglasses, no matter their prescription or lens needs.

Tom Ford Eyeglasses guarantee high style function and timeless style with creative talent. Tom Ford Frames are acquired in all different styles, round, vintage, oversized, and flat. Tom Ford is a luxury eyewear brand, and all frames feature bold designs and well-polished accents. A pair of eyeglasses surely won't disappoint when it comes to luxury eyewear.

Tom Ford is the leading luxury brand in the World. Most of the Tom Ford Sunglasses and Frames for men & women are handcrafted in Italy. All are also smart, innovative, and fashionable with a true mark of affluence; the signature 'T' is recognized and desired by people around the World. The Most common color palette of frames is black and brown, but tom ford is also known for blue, green, and tortoiseshell colors.

There has been some debate among fans what is the correct color. The color of the glasses was said by some Tom Ford boutiques to be Shiny Black 05B, but it is actually Havana (sometimes named as "Tortoise" or "Brown") color code 52N (see new image from Rankin's Behind The Scenes book on the left) with the standard grey lenses, which seem slightly brown in real life and on the photos. This was also confirmed by the Christie's Auction in February 2016, where a Hanava pair was offered, size 50, one of four pairs worn by Bond on set in Rome.Update 2018: Tom Ford mentions now that 52N is "Dark Havana" and a new "52N2" is "Havana", but we assume that the 52N is still the same as the one in the film.

If you do not have an existing pair handy, grab a credit card instead. Stand in front of a mirror or web cam, place one edge of the card at the exact center of your nose and observe the place where the other edge ends. Take a look at the illustration image and chart below to easily determine your size.

While nothing really compares to going into an optician and trying a pair of eyeglasses on for size (and shape), online glasses shopping has come on leaps and bounds with virtual try-ons and free frame trials.

For the most part, glasses shopping destinations remain the same online as they do on the high street. From boutique opticians like David Clulow and Cubitts, which offer a seamless prescription lens service, to designer merchants such as Mr Porter and Ssense, here are all of our favourite eyeglasses destinations:

Straight of out the '90s and noughties, Guess continues to channel its signature feel of classic American preppiness with nostalgic designs. This frame, however, is not without a contemporary touch. Balancing its vintage-inspired wireframe with a futuristic hexagonal lens, this pair of eyeglasses represents an intersection of the old and the new. 159. At

Ace and Tate is a failsafe port of call for well-crafted eyeglasses which also tick the style box. Case in point: the Nicky frame, designed with a classic circular shape, slim temples, black Opal colour palette and, of course, the highest quality lens devised by the brand. One to see you through for years to come. 110. At

These Tommy Hilfiger specs will add some instant sophistication to your look. The round frame is the shape of choice for the discerning intellect, and coupled with a dark brown Havana tortoiseshell, these are eyeglasses that make you want to bury your head into a good book, preferably in a mahogany-heavy library. 144.95. At

What happens over the rainbow, stays over the rainbow. Known for its love of garish patterns and 1960s inspired shapes, these frames from Gucci are perfectly on-brand for the Italian fashion house. In an oversized oval shape, these eyeglasses will remain firmly fixed on your nose whilst you go about your day with the same vibrancy as your specs. 350 258. At

The story of the Tom Ford from young designer to international fashion and eyewear designer began in Austin, Texas, where he was born. He grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and, after high school, moved to New York to study art history at New York University in 1979. However, he soon changed to architecture at the Parsons School for Design, where he gained his first experience in fashion as an intern at Chloé in Paris during his year abroad. After graduation in 1986, he gained further experience in the industry, including working with Marc Jacobs at Perry Ellis.

There are a few things you should always pay attention to a few details when you buy sunglasses by Tom Ford. The word "Tom Ford" is noticeably engraved on the outside of the lens, which you can feel when you run your fingernail over the spot in the upper left corner of the lens. If the lettering is indistinct or fuzzy, you could be holding a fake in your hands. The same applies if the 9-digit serial number LPxxxxxxx, which identifies each pair of Tom Ford sunglasses and is located on the inside of the temple, is neither etched nor engraved. And please note: don't confuse the serial number with the model number or the colour code, that are only printed in colour. Another feature of a Tom Ford Original is the metal insert in at least one of the two temples. The metal plate with the "Tom Ford" lettering is deeply embedded in the plastic, whereas in a Tom Ford fake this is only printed or glued on or is even completely missing. In addition, the sunglasses should always come in a labelled box with a Tom Ford glasses case, certificate of authenticity in the form of a card, an info booklet and a lens cloth. 041b061a72

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