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Granado Espada Full: A Review of the MMORPG with Unique Control System

Granado Espada is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that has been around for more than a decade. It is set in a fantasy world inspired by medieval Europe, where players can explore, fight, and interact with other players. What makes Granado Espada stand out from other MMORPGs is its unique control system that allows players to take the role of up to three different characters simultaneously. This feature adds a layer of strategy and complexity to the gameplay, as players have to manage their characters' skills, equipment, and positions in combat.

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In this article, we will review Granado Espada Full, the latest version of the game that is available in English to Southeast Asia players. We will cover the following aspects of the game:

  • Character creation and customization

  • Gameplay modes and features

  • Graphics and sound

  • Pros and cons

  • Conclusion

Character creation and customization

Granado Espada Full offers a wide range of characters to choose from, with more than 200 game characters available. Each character has a unique appearance, personality, backstory, and skill set. Some characters are based on historical figures, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Marie Antoinette. Others are inspired by myths, legends, and folklore, such as Dracula, Merlin, and Little Red Riding Hood. There are also original characters that fit into the game's lore and setting.

Players can create their own family name and select up to three characters to form their squad. They can also customize their characters' outfits, weapons, and accessories with more than 3,000 types of items. Some items are purely cosmetic, while others provide stat bonuses or special effects. Players can also collect costumes that change their characters' appearance completely, such as pirate costumes, school uniforms, or animal suits.

Gameplay modes and features

Granado Espada Full has a variety of gameplay modes and features to suit different preferences and play styles. Some of the main modes and features are:

  • Quests: Players can follow the main storyline or take on side quests that offer rewards and unlock new content. There are more than 3,000 different quests in the game, ranging from simple tasks to challenging missions.

  • Exploration: Players can explore more than 300 extensive areas in the game, each with its own theme, scenery, monsters, and secrets. Some areas are open-world zones that allow free movement and interaction with other players, while others are instanced dungeons that require a party or solo entry.

  • Combat: Players can engage in combat with over 7,000 types of regular monsters and over 100 types of raid monsters in the game. Combat is real-time and action-oriented, with players having to use their characters' skills, items, and formations strategically. Players can switch between their characters at any time during combat or use the active automatic hunting mode for gameplay support.

  • PvP and RvR: Players can test their skills against other players in various player versus player (PvP) and realm versus realm (RvR) modes. Some of the modes include duels, team battles, faction wars, clique battles, colony wars, and more. PvP and RvR modes offer rewards such as ranking points, honor points, medals, titles, and exclusive items.

Graphics and sound

Granado Espada Full has elegant graphics that capture the essence of medieval Europe. The game's art style is realistic and detailed, with rich colors and textures. The game's environments are diverse and immersive, with dynamic weather effects and day-night cycles. The game's character models are also well-designed and animated, with expressive facial expressions and gestures.

The game's sound is also impressive, with more than 200 alluring background tracks composed by various artists. The game's music is mostly orchestral and classical, with some elements of rock, jazz, and folk. The game's music matches the mood and atmosphere of each area and scene, creating a captivating auditory experience. The game's sound effects are also realistic and clear, with different sounds for each skill, weapon, and monster.

Pros and cons

Granado Espada Full is a game that has many pros and cons, depending on the player's perspective and preference. Some of the pros and cons are:


  • The game's unique control system that allows players to control up to three characters simultaneously is a refreshing and innovative feature that adds depth and variety to the gameplay.

  • The game's character roster is diverse and interesting, with many characters based on historical figures, myths, legends, and folklore. The game's character customization is also extensive and fun, with many items and costumes to collect and mix and match.

  • The game's graphics and sound are high-quality and appealing, with a realistic and detailed art style and a captivating musical score.

  • The game's content is rich and varied, with many quests, areas, monsters, modes, and features to explore and enjoy. The game also offers regular updates and events that add new content and rewards.


  • The game's system requirements are relatively high, which may limit some players from playing the game smoothly or at all. The game also requires a stable internet connection and a large storage space.

  • The game's learning curve is steep, especially for beginners who are not familiar with the game's control system, mechanics, and features. The game also has a lot of information and details that may overwhelm or confuse some players.

  • The game's balance is questionable, as some characters, skills, items, and modes are more powerful or popular than others. The game also has some bugs and glitches that may affect the gameplay or performance.

  • The game's community is mixed, with some players being friendly and helpful, while others being toxic and rude. The game also has some issues with hackers, bots, scammers, and spammers that may ruin the gaming experience for some players.


Granado Espada Full is a MMORPG that has a lot to offer to fans of the genre. It is a game that has a unique control system that allows players to control up to three characters simultaneously, a diverse and interesting character roster, high-quality graphics and sound, and rich and varied content. However, it is also a game that has some drawbacks, such as high system requirements, steep learning curve, questionable balance, and mixed community. Ultimately, Granado Espada Full is a game that is worth trying out for players who are looking for a new and different MMORPG experience.

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